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Sabbath Keepers are peculiar bikers

We come across other ministries like Black Sheep, CMA, Champions of Christ, Hellfighers and Disciples of Christ that give the message of unconditional love and forgiveness, but they don’t address the trampling of God’s law (especially the Sabbath), nor the role it will play in the closing events of prophecy, or how one can forsake sins--make a decided change in their lifestyles, honoring God through a new creation wrought by the power of grace.

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Feeling lost?

If you inquire with my chapter, you’ll find out that I have led them on many trips with additional miles logged. I have utilized my bike’s GPS only to discover that there were shorter and quicker ways to arrive at our destinations, even on occasion misleading them. Just ask about the year we rode to the Loma Linda Christmas Toy ride and how I managed to take them on an eight mile treck through the suburbs only to discover if we stayed on the freeway, two miles ahead was the offramp for our stop! 

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Somewhere between you and Emmaus

While out exercising at the fire station yesterday, I was listening to some music and a song reminded me of this story.  Two strangers were walking down the road, sad and confused, wondering what the meaning of life is and if there is more then there appears.  Suddenly a stranger appears with them and shares with them a message of hope.

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Christ our Rock

Well I would guess it is about time to do the National Chaplain corner.  I apologize greatly to all of my fellow Sabbath Keepers. Our ministry has seen many challenges over the last couple years.  Our ministry is changing lives and has increased in its potential to touch lost souls. This has raised the adversary’s flag and brought forth his battle cries. The strongest attack he will bring will be to destroy our unity and try to fracture our Rock.

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