Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

A Christian motorcycle ministry committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

SKMM National Spiritual Revival

With great pleasure and excitement, I am pleased to announce a very special Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry National event to be held at Harris Ranch Restaurant and Inn right here in my hometown of Coalinga, California. This location has been chosen because it is very centrally located between all of the different California chapters of the Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry. 

This event is a Spiritual Revival featuring Evangelist Pastor Chiwena Kabanje. I am very humbled to count Chiwena among my personal friends. I have been blessed to witness the Pastor share the Gospel on numerous occasions. I must tell you that he is moved by the Spirit and absolutely lives to spread the good news!

Chiwena originally hails from Zambia, South Africa. He served as Pastor in Zambia for eleven years before migrating to the United States. He has served the Lord here in the states in many capacities. He works as a registered nurse and travels and speaks as an evangelistic pastor whenever the Lord opens a door. He is blessed with his wonderful wife Wipper and two children David and Lulu.

The Pastor will speak twice on Sabbath day. Sabbath service in the morning and a close-of-day service in the evening. These sermons will be targeted at our Motorcycle Ministry, designed to revive and revitalize us for our work in the motorcycle world. 

Lodging will be available at Harris Ranch Inn. There are also other budget hotels available in the immediate vicinity. 

This is a motorcycle rider’s event, so there will be two featured rides planned for the weekend. The first ride will be a Sabbath day ride scheduled to take place between the two planned sermons. The second ride will be a trip to Morgan Hill to participate in the Papa Ron Tamale Run! This will start the day with an early Sunday morning ride to the House Of Thunder, Harley-Davidson dealership in Morgan Hill. This is about a two and a half hour ride. Registration is required for a planned one hour ride that ends at Christmas Hill Park for a great Tamale feed, music and a raffle. 

This double event is open to all Sabbath Keepers and guests, so please spread the word and bring your friends. Please RSVP for the Coalinga portion of the event as the banquet hall we have reserved has a fifty person capacity. First come, first served!

Blessings to all, 

Larry Haws/President
Hollister Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry