Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

A Christian motorcycle ministry committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

SKMM Sabbath and other news

SKMM Sabbath

Hollister Chapter invites all members to attend Sabbath Keepers' Sabbath at Hollister SDA Church. This is the time when we bring the home church up to speed on everything that has happened in the last year. 

Also, they need pics and info on events your chapter has hosted and/or attended so they can include them in a slide presentation. Please Mike Yates this information.

Vote for new national secretary

This is also be the weekend for SKMM's quarterly NAC meeting. We will be voting for a new national secretary. If you're interested in the position, please click here.

SKMM Retreat

Jeff Peterson has organized this year's SKMM retreat at Liberty, Utah. Please sign up if you're going. We need to know how many are planning to attend. Details are on the sign up form.