Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

A Christian motorcycle ministry committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pictures from the 2015 General Conference Session

For the first time ever, Sabbath Keepers hosted a booth at the 2015 General Conference Session. National V. P. Kevin Simpson organized the booth setup along with Shane Hilde from the San Gorgonio Pass Chapter. National invested in a new exhibit display and cards to be handed out at the booth (the file for the cards is available on the members page for those who want to download and print).

This event was great exposure for Sabbath Keepers and a time to meet its Midwest chapters and meet members from Adventist Motorcycle Ministry. Hundreds of people stopped by the booth, curious to see what these bikers were all about. Many of them wanted to take their picture with the bikers.

Many also expressed interest in starting a chapter in their local area. National Chaplain Jeff Peterson was the backbone of the operation. He was there all day everyday for almost the entire time. 

Here is a list of those who gave their time and money to be at the session and help man the booth. Leave a big thank in the comments for these guys.

Kevin Simpson - Central Valley, CA
Akira Toyama - Central Valley, CA
Kimberly Toyama - Central Valley, CA

Shane Hilde - San Gorgonio Pass, CA

Jeff Peterson - Bakersfield, CA
Celeste Peterson - Bakersfield, CA

R. L. Simpson - S.W. Oklahoma
Donald Clark - S.W. Oklahoma

Stuart Wolzen - Ottawa, KS
Oscar Gerardo - Ottawa, KS

Patricia Watts - Wichita, KS
Tim Schelske - Wichita, KS
Miguel Larcher -Wichita, KS

Robert Hastings - Columbia River, WA (Lives in Arizona)

(If anyone was missed, please email