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New chapter standing up

Name: Terry Booker

Chapter Name: Inland Empire


Name of Event: New Chapter Standing Up

Date: 02/28/2015

Time: 11:00:00 AM

Location: Redlands Church, 520 Brookside Ave, Redlands, California 92373 United States

Message: Sabbath Keeper will be standing up a new chapter in the SoCal area on the Sabbath of February 28th church service. We will be having a potluck luncheon following the church service and a fellowship meeting. Also, Saturday even we have reservations for a dinner. Sabbath Keepers needing assistance with housing may contact Lori Booker to discuss a church member opening their home for a stay. 

We are excited to be standing up the Inland Empire Chapter at Redlands Church, and would invite all who can come to celebrate with us.