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New National Media Coordinator Position Voted

Happy Sabbath SKMM Members,

We are heading into the Holiday Season and I wanted to wish you all a very safe and happy season and share some more firsts.

I am happy to announce NAC (National Advisory Council) voted at our last meeting to add a National Media Coordinator position. I have attached the description. We were thinking about adding this position quite awhile ago and it now has happened, good things take time....right?

Shane Hilde is president of the San Gorgonio Chapter based in Beaumont, Calif.

Shane Hilde is president of the San Gorgonio Chapter based in Beaumont, Calif.

At this same meeting the council voted to appoint Shane Hilde to this position, he accepted.

I am amazed at how much Shane has helped us accomplish, he is already our webmaster, doing awesome things there.

But he does so much more, he is also the president of the San Gorgonio Pass Chapter and interacts with the two other chapters in SoCal.

Shane has a desire to spread God's word with literature to the biker world and beyond. He also is very interested in reaching as many people as he can via the Internet. 

I personally have been very blessed from my relationship with Shane, he has not only taken SKMM to new levels, he is constantly encouraging me to do more, if you know what I mean.

I know Shane is being led by the Holy Spirit and I am honored to have him on our team.

When you get a chance, please give Shane some SKMM love.

With Pleasure,

Tony Lambert
National President

National Media Coordinator
Job Description

Job purpose: 
The purpose of the National Media Coordinator is to consolidate, assemble and manage all media pertaining to SKMM. This position will manage the flow of information to the public by promoting and marketing the image of SKMM as directed by the National Officers.

Job Qualifications and Term of Office:
All applicants must submit a written resume listing their experience to the National Secretary to be reviewed by the National Officers.  All applicants should have some website management and creation, as well as marketing and/or communication experience. The National Officers will select the appropriate applicant and submit their recommendation to the National Advisory Council for official vote.  The length of office for the National Media Coordinator will be four years. This office is an administrative position and has no votes on the National Advisory Council (unless already a member of the NAC by qualification per the By Laws) or at the National Officer Meetings.

Reports to:
The National Media Coordinator will work directly with and report to the National Secretary. He/she will also make official public statements for Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry as directed by the National President. In addition, the National Media Coordinator will consult with the National Chaplain concerning all ecclesiastical statements on behalf of the ministry to ecclesiastical bodies and the public at large.

Job duties: 
The duties of the National Media Coordinator will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Maintain the National Website design through technical implementation
  • Develop and maintain National Facebook page and any other relevant media applications as determined by the National Officers
  • Develop marketing for the Ministry (production, photography, brochures, advertising, films, PowerPoint, and others.)
  • Prepare official public correspondence when requested.
  • Coordinate with the National Secretary to e-publish National and local chapter Newsletters.