Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

A Christian motorcycle ministry committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

National approves new patch

SKMM National officers accepted a patch design from San Gorgonio Pass Chapter that will allow members to identify themselves as Sabbath Keepers on the front of their vest.

The patch will utilize chain stitching and be about 3.5-4 inches in diameter. We were aiming for 3" but the designer can't keep the clarity of the patch at such a small size, so we're shooting for 3.5".

We are accepting pre-orders for the patch and for the first time you can order and pay by credit card through a secure service called Stripe. There are only 50 patches in this first order. They will be available in about 4 weeks.

Proceeds from these patches will help fund a booth at Las Vegas Bikefest 2016. San Gorgonio Pass and Inland Empire chapters voted to host the booth at their last monthly meeting. This will be the first booth at Bikefest ever.