Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

A Christian motorcycle ministry committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

New officer tags: your input is wanted

Tomorrow, during the monthly national officer's meeting, SKMM patches will be discussed. These officer tags will not be mandatory, but made available for any current/new chapter to adopt. The rationale for adopting SKMM tags is two-fold: they help create ministry recognition on the front of our vest and make it easier for new chapters (they don't have to search around for tags). We'd like to create a SKMM store for all our patches and other items. We'd like to get your input on what color scheme you like best. Vote for your favorite below. This vote is not official, but merely to get an idea of what the majority of members think. This vote is only open to members, so please use your name. The voting closes Sunday at 7 pm PST. VOTED HAS CLOSED.