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Happy bikers for Christmas

While we were trying to find a family we could help out for the Christmas toy run, Jan, from our Ceres church, suggested a family to her husband Ernie who is a Central Valley member. The mother's name is Brezzy Sanchez; she is a single mom with two young boys: Jose is 7 years old and  Michael is 3 years old. Jan had told us that Brezzy was struggling financially to raise her boys. She lives in a very modest apartment with very few items in her home for their comfort. No Christmas tree or lights for the holidays.

We talked with Brezzy about two weeks before to find out what the boys might need.
She asked if we could get them clothing, shoes and a toy. She did not request anything for

The older boy loves legos and just about anything would make Michael happy she told us. So we set about gathering all the things the family could use and would like for Christmas.

We received food from Inter-Faith Ministries, it is a ministry group that has works with the local stores that give extras to help the community. They provided food to the churches, especially bread for the area church's bread program.

They also supply cothing and other items if families are in need of them. We have worked with them and they are happy to help us get food to needy families.

The Ceres church Dorcas also signed her up for a food basket for Christmas which helps out families during the holidays who need help with food.

We asked Brezzy if we could get the older boy Jose a bike. We were excited about doing that more than just getting him some legos she had first mentioned to us.

While we were shopping for the bike, we also decided Michael should have a bike also, so the brothers could enjoy riding bikes together. Bikers giving bicycles, how cool is that? We got the boys red bikes with matching red helmets: one a cars theme and the other spider man theme.

We all gathered on Sunday December 21st at the Sabbath Keepers clubhouse and then headed over to their home some of us on bikes with lights on the bikes and the rest of us in our cars.
When we arrived at their apartment Brezzy came out and was so excited to see us and had tears in her eyes seeing how many of us came to give the gifts to her family. She said, "Can I become a Sabbath Keeper also?" We pulled out the Christmas bags with clothing and the bikes out of the car and we went into their  home to give the gifts.

The boys couldn't believe that we had gotten them bikes. We had them sit on the bikes and put their helmets on. It was so much fun seeing the excitment on their faces and the disbelief that they had bikes.

The oldest boy got off the bike and sat on the couch and was very quiet.

We wanted him to get back on the bike so we could take a picture and he wouldn't. He was feeling all emotional about the bike but wasn't showing it on his face. Finally we got him up on the bike for a picture with all of us and he just burst into tears and wrapped his arms around his mom, because it finally hit him that the bike was really his. His mom had told them they wouldn't be able to afford to get any gifts this year.

It was such a special moment to see the boys excited about their new bikes and the mom being so happy that he children would have a Christmas after all. The chapter also gave them gift cards for shoes, food and gas.

After we left their home having prayed with them and wishing them a Merry Christmas, we all went out to dinner as a SKMM family and went to two different Christmas tree lanes in Turlock to enjoy the lights.