Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

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Ridn' with the Rock

"Have you heard the Gremlin Bell," Roy asked me after church today.

I could tell he was going to show me something different.

"Here's an alternative to the Gremlin Bell," he said, pulling out a black polished rock with the Sabbath Keeper's logo printed on it.

The rock was made by Kelly and DeeAnna Hobbs. You can find out more about their business at their Facebook page, but here's what their mission says:

Naturally drawn to their love for nature and rocks Kelly & DeeAnna Hobbs began collecting rocks on motorcycle adventures. As the pile of rocks began to grow they began to dream and with the Lord at the helm the “RIDN' ROCK” project came to life. It went from a small hobby to one that they would eventually be blessed to share with people all over the world.

Accompanying each Ridn’ Rock is a message that was placed upon their hearts to share with those who comes in contact with the RIDN' ROCK. The message of the Rock signifies the Almighty Rock our Savior and Protector. For Kerlly & DeeAnna it is a constant reminder of where this project came from as they seek His guidance at every turn.

The positive message of the RIDN' ROCK is of Faith, Love and Friendship ~ We Pray you enjoy the RIDN' ROCK and may God Bless Your Journey.

If your chapter is interested getting these SKMM rocks, contact Roy Hood and he can tell you more about it or you can contact the couple directly by email or call (208) 406-2179 or (208) 406-2011.